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Wholesale Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Stamford

***Visit our showroom today for In Stock LVT! We carry Brewster LVT Click Flooring in 4.5 mm wear Layer 7.9” x 49” in 3 colors Maine Stone, Cobblestone, and Cocoastone. Brewster LVT Click Flooring comes with a Residential warranty for 25 years, and a special price of $3.49 per square foot.***

Are you looking for flooring that has all the visual appeal of hardwood or ceramic but is affordable as well? Your best choice just might be wholesale luxury vinyl tile. In Stamford, CT, we feature this innovative flooring material at wholesale prices. Our salespeople are well educated when it comes to the unique advantages of vinyl plank and sheet floors, and we are happy to show you options that meet your requirements.

Luxury vinyl is generally an inexpensive flooring choice. When you pair that with wholesale prices at ProSource of Stamford, your savings only increase. Our wholesale luxury vinyl tile floors are priced to sell. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a trade professional, you’ll see a difference in your bottom line – while improving the ambiance of your living areas.

Choose LVT for Stability & Durability

Enhanced durability, unmistakable beauty, and affordability: What more can you ask for in a floor? Even though no flooring is completely resistant to scratches, LVT is more resistant than hardwood, making it ideal for pet owners and an active household or business. As an added benefit, it is less porous than solid hardwood and carpeting, meaning it is less susceptible to the damages of moisture and spills.

Made of multiple layers of durable materials, vinyl floor tile is strong and long lasting. The core of the plank is made of high-density fiberboard, giving it rigidity and resistance to moisture. The top layer is typically a type of urethane or aluminum oxide, making it resistant to scratches and stains.

This type of durability makes luxury vinyl flooring a practical option for areas with high humidity and varying degrees of temperature. Bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and other rooms can have the visual appeal of solid hardwood or tile at only a fraction of the cost.

the Benefits of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Do you need flooring for your kitchen or bathroom? Even though you like the look of hardwood, it does not do well in areas that are prone to moisture. For floors that look just as fabulous, consider sheet vinyl flooring. It’s made to look like any flooring material – ceramic, stone, and hardwood. So, you can have the appearance you want without water damage. Visit us for a wide selection of products. 

Sheet vinyl floors are resilient floors that stand the test of time. Also, because we are a wholesale flooring store, they also save you money! Our fully stocked showroom has the finest selection of sheet vinyl and many other flooring types, such vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile. Highly durable, simple to maintain, and inexpensive, sheet vinyl is an excellent choice for any room – especially bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Allow our experts to help you find the best flooring material for any area in your home.

Enjoy the Visual Appeal of Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors 

Nothing beats the appearance of wood or tile floors! Recent advancements in printing technology have made the aesthetics of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors increasingly realistic. The photographic and textured effects on vinyl plank make it near impossible to tell the difference between vinyl and the real thing (wood floors). The only give-away is the warmer feel of luxury vinyl tile underfoot. Since vinyl and the top coating are slightly malleable, it retains warmth better than wood or marble. Even then, your guests might just think you have heated floors.

Prefer to see our products firsthand? Visit our showroom today or call us at (203) 564-9438. You’ll find inspiration from hundreds of projects completed by our trade professional members, meet the project team, and recreate the look for your own space.


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile?

Home and business owners throughout the area realize how beneficial it is to have luxury vinyl floor tile or plank floors installed in their place. Why? These impressive flooring options meet both your aesthetic needs and budgetary goals. With our large selection of vinyl floors, it’s easy to create the eye-catching look at a fair price and with little upkeep. How do these floors provide so many benefits? It all has to do with the advanced manufacturing process.

These flooring products are fabricated using multiple layers, including a resin layer, a protective top layer, and a design layer. These layers come together to produce a product with distinct patterns that emulate the look of ceramic, wood, or stone flooring. That means you can enjoy the look you want with the easy maintenance you need. While heavy foot traffic, stains, and spills can compromise the integrity of other flooring surfaces, vinyl floors are engineered with durability in mind.

Contact us if you have any questions about our selection of LVT. We proudly serve Stamford and surrounding areas, including Norwalk, Greenwich, Wilton, Danbury, and more.


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Find inspiration from hundreds of projects completed by our trade professional members, meet the project team and recreate the look for your own space.

Prefer to see products firsthand? Visit our showroom today or call us at 203-564-9438.